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About Me

I’m Sarthak Chandra! An avid voyager, explorer, adventurer, foodie, author, Vlogger, video host,
and a food Critique..
I had schooling in North India, in the beautiful city of Dehradun. During my childhood, what started
with cycling through narrow curved lanes of Dehradun and Mussorie, evolved to adventure bike-
riding on legendary Royal Enfield to countless destinations across India as I grew up. Each travel
unraveled different shades of culture, manifested diverse flair of food & taste, and enriched life
with exceptional experiences.
It is this passion that enthused me to explore more than 50% of India at a young age on my Royal
Enfield and my Car. Nurturing this passion, I also pursued my ambition to be successful Corporate
professional and worked as a Banker, a Sales Manager, Senior Manager, BA, and travelled to places
and foreign countries as part of work. With each role and phase in life, the thrill to travel and
explore thrived further. I worked in different geographies, met people from different cultures,
visited colleges as guest lecturer and met some awesome people from all ages, cultures,
background and upbringings.
As this passion flourished boundless, realization came over that if my passion drives my happiness,
why can't my passion become my ambition and profession as well?
My YouTube channel “Chow down my lane” and the Website chowdownmylane.com are product of
this quest of happiness. I now travel to new places, to new destinations to explore some extremely
wonderful food.
It helps me bring travel and food adventures from across the places to my viewers. This Youtube
channel shot to fame in short time with viewers’ love. I publish at least 2 videos per week of the
amazing culinary experiences I have. My passion of Food and Travel motivated me to Post 50 videos
in 6 months from starting my Youtube Channel in September 2017. My Viewers, Subscribers,
Friends, Fans, I don’t know what to call them have given me immense love that I could grow to over
6 million views on my channel. I hope this Love, Motivation, Encouragement, Feedback grows leaps
and Bounds and we are able to bring immense happiness through food.
I also conduct Workshops for Upcoming YouTubers or anyone willing to start their channel on
Youtube. WHEN I started my Youtube channel and promotions on Social media I found a lot of
tutorials and sessions which are there on Youtube and all across media but there was nothing in the
Indian parlance. Demographics, ergonomics, behaviors, lifestyles, preferences, and everything in
India is different from US or the other Developed countries. Even speeds of Internet differ which are

an important factor when you’re shooting and uploading videos. Hence, I decided that I will create a
customized session for anyone in India to start and run a Youtube channel and Manage Social

Anyone from School kids, Retired Officers, Cooks, Students, Fashion designers, Dancers and singers
attend this workshop and learn the Science and art of Becoming a Youtuber. These workshops are a
huge hit and very helpful. The details are on the website.
Please watch my videos on my Youtube channel and I welcome your feedback and
recommendations for places to visit and